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The Crieff & Strathearn Drovers’ Tryst is committed to equality of opportunity both as a service provider and as a voluntary group. The Crieff & Strathearn Drovers’ Tryst values the diversity of the communities in the Crieff & Strathearn area and works towards providing services that are inclusive and accessible. The Crieff & Strathearn Drovers’ Tryst recognises that social inclusion and promoting equality of opportunity and good relations between different groups can only be achieved by incorporating equalities into the planning and implementation processes for a walking and outdoors festival.

We recognise that discrimination, victimisation and harassment is unlawful and unacceptable and we will take action to prevent this occurring and if this does occur we will take the agreed and appropriate action to deal with those who seek to undermine our positive approach to promoting equality of opportunity.

The Crieff & Strathearn Drovers’ Tryst also recognises that, when used appropriately, positive action strategies can help to counteract the adverse impact of past discrimination or other causes of disadvantage. We will therefore ensure that opportunities continue to be identified to enable us to implement positive action strategies to make our services more inclusive.


The main aim of the policy is to state and publicise the Crieff & Strathearn Drovers’ Tryst’s commitment to equality of opportunity and create a foundation for the management of equality of opportunity at a service level.

Specifically this includes:

  • To promote equality of opportunity, social inclusion and good relations between different racial groups
  • To implement strategies and procedures to enable the Crieff & Strathearn Drovers’ Tryst to identify barriers to equality of opportunity and social inclusion in service delivery, access to services and information.
  • To enable recommendations and solutions to be identified to ensure compliance with legislation
  • To develop information systems to enable the Crieff & Strathearn Drovers’ Tryst to identify community profiles and indicators of any adverse impact
  • To develop performance indicators and procedures to enable outcomes to be identified and progress to be measured
  • To identify examples of good practice in this and other organisations and share this with our services and partners
  • To enable partners, contractors and suppliers of goods and services to identify and adopt the Crieff & Strathearn Drovers’ Tryst’s stated approach to equality in the work they carry out for or on behalf of this Crieff & Strathearn Drovers’ Tryst
  • To identify positive actions to increase levels of representation of underrepresented groups at all levels
  • To promote partnership working in relation to equality of opportunity
  • To identify their roles and responsibilities for elected members and employees in relation to the implementation of the Corporate Equalities Policy


At the Drovers’ Tryst, the organisers are committed to combining our environmental beliefs with the provision of a well run festival. By encouraging sustainable practices, we will ensure that the environment of Scotland can be enjoyed by generations to come. Wherever possible, the Drovers’ Tryst committee will:

  • Adhere to good environmental practice in all it’s business activities.
  • Ensure that their activities meets the minimum requirements set by environmental law and fulfils its legal Duty of Care requirements for waste disposal.
  • See sustainable environmental improvement.
  • Continuously endeavour to reduce polluting activities.
  • Use recycled paper products, and avoid chemical dyes.
  • Use the internet & email as a resource to avoid unnecessary paper use in the planning process.
  • Aim to promote the Tryst primarily through the internet, linking with other like-minded organizations and websites.
  • Aim to encourage booking of places through the website, and facilitating the on-line processes.
  • Monitoring our consumption of fuel and of our waste throughout the year’s planning.
  • Support car sharing, the use of public transport or use of mini-bus to access the walks.
  • Provide information to participants as to how to get to the area, and around the area, by public transport.
  • Encourage the recycling of paper, cardboard, glass, aluminum (cans and foil) and some plastics, both throughout the planning period, but also assisting participants with awareness of recycling points.
  • Provide information to participants to enable them to buy locally, such as for their packed lunches, and to support local businesses.
  • Programme the walks to include environmental awareness and an appreciation of our landscape.
  • Programme any outdoor activities to encourage participation and outdoor exercise, whilst minimizing the environmental impact.
  • Encourage wildlife in the area by increasing public awareness in conjunction with the Perth & Kinross Countryside Ranger and the Loch Lomond & Trossachs Rangers.


Trains and buses run from both Glasgow and Edinburgh to Dunblane and/or Perth. Some trains do go via Gleneagles station from where a taxi or bus can be taken.

Stagecoach runs a number 15 bus to Crieff from Perth, and a number 47 bus from Dunblane. The timetables can be found here: Please click here >>


We are aware that public transport is not always viable, and therefore we encourage you to off-set the carbon emissions from your car and/or your flight. Through you can ‘offset’ the CO2 associated with your travel arrangements.

To understand how to offset your car emissions: pease use this URL click here

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