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Customer comments from previous years

“The walk was brilliant and everyone was very friendly.  The walk pace was just right and the walk leader was very informative and knowledgeable about the area.  We had a really enjoyable day, thank you.”

“I had a very enjoyable weeks holiday. Good exercise, great company, comfortable accommodation. Complete trust in the walk leaders and organisers.”

“I loved the variety of walks led by experts in special topics of interest – herbalist, naturalist, photographer, archaeologist, etc.”

“We were originally going to walk the West Highland Way, but were put off when friends who had already done the trek and said that they felt that they didn’t get to meet enough people on the walk because they were too busy hiking. What we wanted to do was to make our trip a hiking experience and meet the people of Scotland as well, so we did a Google search on the internet and found the Drovers’ Tryst in Perthshire. It seemed to us to be the perfect combination of walks and events – so we completely redesigned our holiday trip – and the experience has been well beyond expectations”.

The Drovers’ Tryst is always grateful to recieve comments fom customers, members and supporters.  We value all comments and suggestions as we strive to keep the Drovers’ Tryst walking festival relevant, enjoyable, interesting and informative for as many as possible.

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