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Here are the 2018 Competition entries.

1. Ben More by Lorne Graham


2. A few miles yet before the crossing by Ian Hunt


3. Top of Ben More 10 10 18 by Lorne Graham


4. Autumn Colours by Ian Hunt


5. Looking Down by Ian Hunt


6. Drovers’ Tryst through the mist by Charlotte Bevis


7. Bothy by Charlotte Bevis


8. Towards Stob binnein by Lorne Graham


9. What storm This is Ben Vorlich by Ian Hunt


10. Lakeside View by Charlotte Bevis


11. Ben Dorain Beinn na Dothaidh – by Lorne Graham.                   This picture was judged as the Runner-up in the competition.


12. Up into the cloud by Ian Hunt


13. Merrily we walk along by Charlotte Bevis


14. A Sunny Scottish Sky by Charlotte Bevis


15. Now it’s across the heather by Ian Hunt


16. Glenfinnan – Mist on the Drover’s Tryst by Alistair Littlejohn – This picture was judged as the Winner of the competition.


17. Strange goings on on Beinn Dorain by Clare.


18. Top of Ben More 10 10 18 -v2 by Lorne Graham


19. Walk with a Photographer by Wendy Clark

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