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Here are the entries for the 2019 Photo Competition.

 Berry Red by Alistair Littlejohn

 Wait for me by Alistair Littlejohn

 Piglets, Sauchie Smallholding by Carol Moultie

 The Praying Hands of Mary & Eilidh by Elaine Leighton

 The Praying Hands by Elaine Leighton

  Walking in the rain by Gae Matthews

 Comrie Croft Circular by Hazel McGregor

 Lunch Break on Lochearnhead to Killin by Hazel McGregor

 Killin by Hazel McGregor

  Walk to a Smallholding  by Hazel McGregor

 Sauchie Farm Smallholding 1 by Hazel McGregor

 Sauchie Farm Smallholding 2 by Hazel McGregor

  Down To Comrie by Kim Osborne. This was declared Winner.

  The falls in spate by Lesley Harbinson

  Hurray the rain has stopped by Lesley Harbinson

 Sheepin Mist by Lorne Graham

 Snake River Valley by  Lorne Graham

 The walker by  Lorne Graham

 White Water by Lorne Graham

 Wild River by Lorne Graham

 Autumnal avenue by Lynne Legatt

 Black butter by Lynne Legatt

 Fun’ in the sun by Lynne Legatt

 Lady Mary’s hidden treasure (2) by Lynne Legatt

 Lady Mary’s hidden treasure (1) by Lynne Legatt

 Reaching for the sky by Lynne Legatt

Alva to Glen Devon 1 by Maija Strala Ibsen was give Third Place.

 Alva to Glen Devon 2 by Maija Strala Ibsen

  Best Foot Forward  by Mary Colvin

  The Praying Hands of Mary by Mary Colvin

 Water Under the Bridge by Mary Colvin

 Lady Mary’s Walk  by Peter Klemm

Mouse view of Lady Mary’s Walk by Peter Klemm was placed Second.

 Porcelain fungus trio by Peter Klemm

  Purple mushroom duo by Peter Klemm

 Sunlit ferns by Peter Klemm

 The passing of the year and the Earn by Peter Klemm

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