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Explore Loch Tay’s Ancient Crannogs

This walk explores the ancient Crannog sites of Loch Tay.  Our visit will include the Scottish Crannog Centre as well as a walk on the hill of Acharn overlooking Loch Tay.  We are fortunate in having Rich Hilden from the Crannog Centre as our guide.  He will lead us through the ancient history of Loch Tay and describe the local community that would have lived in the Acharn and Kenmore area.

We will start at the Crannog Centre where you will be introduced to the Crannog community and will be taken on a guided tour around our museum. You will be taken out onto the reconstruction by a Iron Age interpreter and have the story of the people of the Crannog 2500 years ago. An important part of  the centre is the story of how the crannog sites have been rediscovered, excavated and interpreted.  We will discover how people built these amazing structures, how they used them and adapted them to suit their way of life.  We will also have the opportunity to learn about the many skills of the people of the times, how they made implements and clothing, what they ate, their stories and music and how they lived as a community.  You will also be taken around the site and see several traditional crafts including woodworking, textiles, cooking and more.

Following your visit to the Crannog we will then head up Kenmore Hill and go on a circular walk from the Crannog. On this walk you will be greeted to views of Loch Tay where further discussion on the placement and locations played into their history, as well as visiting one of the many stone circles in the area, passing nearby an area of known cup and ring mark stones and coming back down to the lovely village of Acharn via the wonderful Acharn falls and the ‘Hermit’s Cave’.  While on the walk the leader – Community Archaeologist Rich Hiden will provide local information about the history and archaeology of the area and what can be seen on the walk along the way.

The ticket price for this walk includes full entry to the Crannog Centre site.



Walk date:
Sunday 18th July, 2021
Walk leader:
Des Greevy
Walk start time:
1:00 pm
Walk end time:
5:00 pm (estimated)
Total distance / Total ascent / High point:
8 km / 350 m / 400 m
Ticket price:
Tickets are sold out or not yet/no longer on sale.
Safety notesGear requiredMap of start locationWalk T&Cs

The nature of the reconstructed crannog means that access along a walkway made of round logs can be an issue. There is more information available on the centre's website, linked from this page. Strong soled footwear is recommended for walking at the Crannog Centre and on the hill.

None specified.

1. Risk.
The nature of hill walking potentially involves leaders or other participants in providing close assistance to others. For everybody’s protection those people classified as ‘vulnerable adults’ or young people under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an appropriate carer or responsible adult. No special arrangements are available to provide independent supervision for vulnerable people, and the accompanying carer takes full responsibility for them. The carer or parent is best placed to judge the capability of their charges.

2. Children.
We do ask that you only bring children on a walk if you are confident that they will be able to complete it comfortably. At all times, children must be accompanied by an appropriate adult who must take full responsibility for them.

3. Lower age limits.
No children under the age of 16 are allowed on Extra Hard or Hard walks. Children over the age of 12 are permitted on Medium and Easy walks provided that they are accompanied by a responsible adult.

4. Dogs.
In common with other similar events and in consideration for others, dogs are not allowed (guide dogs excepted).

5. Smoking.
Please do not smoke on walks, out of consideration to others.

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